Your access to the WONDER island ! ~explore Japan's current popular culture, and how it came to be that way~ 視点を変えてみたら素晴らしくて不思議? 現代日本文化をヨーロッパと日本目線の両サイドから 考えてみるブログ「リトル・ジャパン」!

Access to the WONDER island!

New web-log contents “Little Japan” is now ready to share!

After my long life in London, I’ve been finding very unique about Japanese culture…it’s so strange, loveable and has full of original way of thinking behind.

By best using of my both European and Japanese point of view, I’m exploring various facts of not only popular culture and trend but also our ordinary life of modern-day Tokyo, Japan here!

I hope “Little Japan” triggers you to find out actual Japanese culture, and gives you a nice tip to enjoy our custom!

“Little Japan” is always welcome to share your questions and feedback!
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2012-04-01 | Category:News(おしらせ)

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