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high grass

high grass

high grass

毎日パンを食べているパン愛好家宮本せわしが、パン博士を目指し、 パン作り、パン検定、パンまつりなど、パンにまつわる活動を行う夢のプロジェクト! Bread lover Mr.Sewashi's "Breadisious Life" presents you his everyday bread related activity towards his dream, becoming a Dr.Bread!

本格始動開始! “Ready Set Go!”




I know it’s been long time passed since I announced this project
opening…and I am very very sorry for that!
Now, I’m happy to inform you that the project has started officially today!!

I’m really excited to share my “Breadelicious Life” with you, and hope you’ll stay tuned!!

2011-10-31|カテゴリー:News パンニュースOther その他

Breadelicious TV(パンTV)